Day 5: When Hunger Hits – from cupcakes to tzatziki – an 85 calorie snack

I’ve been fine all week, but for some reason today I was really hungry. Tonight there was an internal battle going on inside of me. I was sitting around thinking, “tomorrow’s my day off, and midnight is only a few hours away. Does it really matter?” Then the other side of me would say, “Hey, you can eat whatever you want tomorrow. Don’t blow it – you’ve had 5 strong days of eating healthy and working out.”

It didn’t help that my wife, Allison was busy making cupcake ice cream cones for my son’s birthday party tomorrow. Man, they sure looked good and were ridiculously tempting.
Man, these sure look good.

I mustered up enough strenght to resist and instead fought my hunger off with an excellent snack that is low in calories and very satisfying: carrots and tzatziki dip. Carrots are an excellent snack. One 3 oz. serving is only 35 calories.
not slimy like some of the others
When buying pre-cut carrots, I prefer the Bolthouse Farms carrots. Sometimes when you buy pre-cut carrots, especially the baby-cut carrots, they come out of the bag they are slimy. yuck. Who wants to eat slimy carrots? Bolthouse Farms has always had high quality carrots that are not slimy and taste good.

Now, for the dip – tzatziki dip.
Yes, this is the same dip that goes on the famous greek “Gyro” sandwiches. Pronuciation still a confusing topic at our house (Year-oh? Gee-roh?) Technically it has a soft g at the beginning, but most American’s can’t say it right. I digress…so Gyro meat – generally not so healthy. The tzatziki (cucumber) sauce they put on it? Very healthy and extremely tasty. It makes an excellent dip for vegetables. I love the combination of cucumbers and dill in the dip. Instead of using ranch to dip veggies in, which completely counteracts the idea of being healthy and eating vegetables, use tatziki dip. Here is a shot of the label from the dip that I picked up at Costco:
and low calorie too...
2 Tablespoons was plenty to go along with my one serving of carrots. After finishing the snack, I was totally satisfied and only 85 calories had been consumed! A much healthier alternative to cupcake cones. I’ll have one of those tomorrow on my day off 😉

Food Calories
3 oz. carrots 35
2 Tbsp Tzatziki Dip 50
Total Calories: 85


  1. I eat that! I told Allison about it from Costco =)

  2. It’s so yummy :-) We used to get Tzatziki dip at Sprouts, but they don’t always have it in stock. I think the Costco stuff tastes better anyway.

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