Day 11: Food Log: Travel Day

Today was my last day out of town. The day started early with a run on the treadmill at the hotel. 21 minutes, 2.11 miles interval running. After an early breakfast I headed to the office. The lunch brought in today was Lasagna, bread and salad. I had a little salad, but that’s it. Around 4 I headed to the airport and then flew home. Travel days can be tough to stay on your diet. Here is my food log from today:

Meal #1: scrambled eggs and blueberries/raspberries
Breakfast at the Westin
Meal #2 – Myoplex Lite Bar (mid-morning)
Protein Bar
Meal #3 – Starkist Lunch Kit and some salad (no dressing)
Meal #4 – Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge Protein Shake
Do not consume when warm
Meal #5 – Jack Link’s Peppered Beef Jerky (1.5 oz) and an All-Natural Fruit Strip (consumed on the airplane)
Best Beef Jerky Ever
Meal #6 – Cottage Cheese and Grapes (when I got home)

Well, I survived a 3-day business trip, made it home in once piece, and kept to the BFL eating and exercise plan. It can be tough when you have to go out of town and takes discipline, but it’s a great feeling when you get back home and know you’ve stuck to the plan.

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