Day 15: PBA, not to be confused with PDA or PBJ

PDA makes a great snack…if you’re 14. PBA makes a great snack for all ages, though (Peanut Butter and an Apple). The peanut butter is high in protein and the apple is rich in carbs (the good kind). Yes, there is fat in peanut butter, but your fats should generally come from plants (i.e. peanuts, avacodo), not meats (like Whataburger). The apple and peanut butter must have dated in a previous life, because it is match made of yumminess in a nutshell (pun intended). Don’t buy the peanut butter at the store that has a bunch of added sugar, though. Why do most food manufacturers think they need to add sugar to everything? Peanuts are naturally yummy without anything added to them. Get the natural peanut butter. I think it tastes way better than the other stuff anyway besides being healthier.
Sometimes it is hard to estimate an exact serving of peanut butter. How do you measure out 2 Tbsp with out it all sticking to the spoon and everything? I found an easy way with this measuring thingy that my wife bought years ago from a Pampered Chef party. Who ever invented calling those things parties? Not really what I think of when I think of a party. Parties shouldn’t involve pressure to buy a bunch of crap you probably don’t need. In this case, I guess I’m glad she bought this one particular item. You just push on the tube inside of the tube until it lines up with 2 Tbsp. Then shove peanut butter in there until it is to the top.
With Pampered Chef
When you’re done, just aim it at the plate, and push the inside of the barrel out and the peanut butter plops out easily on the plate. Use a knife to scrap once against it and it all comes right out. Done. Easy. Consume. Yummy.

On another note, yesterday (Sunday) I did DDR for my cardio as planned. I was having so much fun that I ended up doing it for an hour (geek). My 10-year old son joined in with me on player 2 – good times. How many of you spend your Sunday afternoon doing DDR with your son? I knew it! There are a lot of closet DDR-ers (word?) out there in the world. Told ya so.

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