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Ben Runs LifeIf you’re stopping by from my amazing wife Allison’s blog, House of Hepworths, then welcome! Actually, I guess you’re welcome here no matter where you’re coming from. Today is Valentine’s day and I’m guest blogging on HoH – you can read the post here. I wrote a very special Valentine’s Day post dedicated to my tender, oozing blossom, Roz Allison.

So…about me – I’m currently in the middle of the Body For Life program. Seriously, go check out the before and after pictures on their website if you haven’t before. It will, as Allison would say, srsly motivate you. I’m doing weekly weigh-in and photo postings on Saturdays. During the week I share tips and tricks about healthy eating and exercise sprinkled with tidbits of how you can use technology to stay healthy. Thanks for stopping by! Here are a few links to get you started:

I’ll leave you with some photos showing my progress through the first 4 weeks (click to enlarge):

Weekly Progress

Weekly Progress

That is just after 4 weeks – you just wait until I’m done with Body For Life! See ya on the other side, brother.


  1. 1) Awesome post at HoH.
    2) Awesome progress pictures. Just call me motivated to get a tripod so I can take pictures or my own journey (my husband is horrible at taking pictures).
    3) I just read all your posts (much easier than when I started following Allison).
    4) Has anyone else left a comment here? (Random…)
    5) (And final comment) Awesome progress!

  2. 1) Thanks you! I had a lot of fun writing it. We spent Saturday at a dance competition all day and I worked on the sweethearts in-between numbers. Glad you enjoyed the post and my sense of humor 😉
    2) Good thing I have Allison – she’s a great photographer and is a good sport about taking my pictures every Saturday. Good luck with your journey!
    3) Yeah, I think Allison has something like over 600 posts – crazy! Thanks for reading all of my posts.
    4) Thanks for leaving a comment – I think you’re the second one to leave a comment on my blog 😉 The first was my sister-in-law on my Day 5 post. Up until now most of my readers are family, but I may have picked up a few after guest blogging today at HoH.
    5) Thank you – it’s great to have support! It is not easy keeping up with this – the comments and support helps keep the motivation going.


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