Day 48: Week 7 Weigh-in

Week 7 is here, and another weigh-in showed 2 more pounds off of the scale. I’m down to 157 now – that’s a total of 13 pounds in 7 weeks; just under 2 pounds per week. Healthy, maintainable weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.

I know I’m continuing to burn fat and not muscle because I am able to increase the weights at the gym. My awesome wife Allison, who usually takes my pictures, was out of town this weekend at a blogging conference in Tennessee with our camera. I had my 7 year old daughter take my pictures from my iPhone, so sorry if they’re a little, er, not quite up to par. From the front…

Now, from the back…

This morning was the first soccer game for my son’s team. It was in the 40s when we left the house at 7:15 AM to make it to his 8:00 game. I wore a fitted undershirt beneath my regular shirt to help deal with the chilly morning. When I put it on, could actually start to see the definition of my pectoral muscles.

Please excuse the Zhu Zhu Pets stuff in the background. One of the quickest instant successes and fade into nothingness from our kid’s round of toys. Seriously, don’t waste your money on them. Instead, buy GeoTrax. Our kids have played with GeoTrax for over 7 years now and still play with them today. They are ridiculously sturdy. Sometimes I wonder who has more fun building the complex train tracks – me or the kids. Here’s an example of one that I built with Travis years ago:

GeoTrax are seriously the best investment we ever made in children’s toys. It gets them away from the TV, forces them to use their brain, allows them to use be creative. In addition, they are extremely durable and well made. I guess I ended on a tangent this time. Signing out…


  1. Enjoying your blog, Ben. Don’t worry about tangents. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy both yours and Allison’s blogs: it’s like real life.

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