Day 54: English Muffin with Preserves

Oroweat makes a 100% Whole Wheat english muffin that is great for breakfast or after a run. 1 muffin has 150 calories in it as well as 6g of protein. Nice.

When eating carbs, you should eat good carbs…whole grains and fruits/vegetables. These english muffins are a great “good” carb and taste very good, especially if you toast them.

When they come out of the toaster, spread some preserves on top of them. Body for Life recommends the sugar free preserves. I’m still trying to make up in my mind which is better for you – the sugar free or the low sugar. Maybe the low sugar to avoid the artificial sweeteners, but in any case, don’t buy preserves with a bunch of added sugar. You’d be surprised what some of them have in them. Fruit is naturally sweet – why do they have to add a bunch of sugar? I measured out 1 tablespoon, which is one serving size for the preserves. It was just the right amount to spread across two halves of the english muffin.


This goes perfect along with some egg whites as your protein for a solid, healthy breakfast. What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Nutritional Information for one english muffin with 1 serving of sugar free red raspberry preserves:

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