Day 62: Week 9 Weigh-in

I’m really excited for this week’s pictures. Before we get to that, though, I gained a pound this week – woohoo!

I gained a pound – woohoo? Yeah, that’s right – I’m excited. I’m actually trying to gain weight now. I really don’t need to lose any more weight. I started at 170, lost down to 157, then over the last 2 weeks have gained 2 pounds. Overall I’ve probably burned off 15 pounds of fat and am replacing it with muscle. The last two weeks I still followed the Body For Life meal plan, but I ate slightly larger portions at each meal. Now that I’ve trimmed most of the fat off, I want to start gaining weight now — but have it be muscle weight. Check out this guy’s before and after pictures from Body For Life:

He went from 165 to 200 pounds and gained 35 pounds of muscle. Good thing he shaved that beard off too…heh heh. He seriously looks like a different person. You can read his story here if you want to.

Crazy, huh? My guess is that was over more than just the initial 90 days. The Body For Life challenge says in “as little as 90 days”. Still, though, to gain 35 pounds and go from that to that? Motivating, right?

For my pictures this week, I went outside to get some better lighting. You can really see the definition in my muscles in the better light. Seeing the pictures this week really helped me feel like all of my hard work is paying off. I didn’t get a good one from the back, so you just get one from the front this week.

On Week 3 I posted a flex picture:

starting to see definition

Check out the difference now just 6 weeks later:

And my day off wouldn’t be complete without enjoying something….like a brisket that my dad made in his smoker….mmmmmmmm.


  1. Amazing difference in just six weeks! Keep it up!

  2. Teresa V says:

    Wow! you can really see a big difference. Great job!

  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments :-)

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