Running with my son

We spent Easter weekend at the beautiful JW Marriott Resort in San Antonio, Texas. We had a great time there and enjoyed relaxing in the lazy river:

They had a nice gym there, and I was going to lift a few weights yesterday. I figured I’d bring my son along. He’s always been fascinated with the gym and wanted to work out with me. Honestly, he’s a little young at 10 to start doing weight training, but I figured on vacation he would enjoy at least seeing the gym, all of the equipment, the exercises I do, etc – and maybe try a few light weights. The gym was unfortunately only for guests 16 and older, so he wasn’t able to go. I decided to skip the gym and do something else instead with him – go running. But…he only wore his crocs to the resort and didn’t bring any shoes to run in. So we decided to run barefoot on the golf course. The grass felt nice on our feet and we started out with the goal to run 2 miles together. At 2 miles, my son wanted to keep going and do 2.5. Then at 2.5 he wanted to do 3, which then turned into a 5K at 3.2 miles. We had a great run with some beautiful runs on the golf course and finished in around 32 minutes. I was quite proud of my son, who really showed some heart.

I’m still coaching my son’s soccer team, and we’ve decided to start running together in order to increase his endurance for soccer. We have practice Tuesday and Thursday, so we’re going to start running Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I’m excited to start doing this with my son!

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