Improved Running Speed

The kids started swim team last week and have been going to the pool every evening. It’s a great activity for them. Improves their heart, endurance, and muscles. Once school is out they’ll be going every morning for the summer. It will be really good for the kids. They’ve both really taken to it and are enjoying it so far.

This afternoon I decided to run from our house to the pool where their swim practice is. I tried to time it so I arrived there just as they were getting out so I could ride home with Allison and the kids. The distance from our house to the pool was almost 2.6 miles (2.59 to be exact). I started off and paced myself as to not get tired. My first minute was an 8:11 mile and I got faster as I went on. Runkeeper announces to you every 5 minutes your distance, time, and average pace. When I heard I was just over an eight minute mile for the first mile I decided to kick it up with the goal of finishing with an average of under eight minutes per mile. I finished all 2.59 miles in a total of 20:06 — an average of 7:45 per mile. That’s the best time I’ve ever recorded for this distance. I really pushed it the last half mile or so, with mile 3 (.59 miles) averaging the best time. You can check out my stats here. Here are my averages for each mile:

And the overall stats:


  1. This runkeeper app has me intrigued. I’m going to have to give it a try!

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