Body For Life

I started Body For Life on January 9, 2012. Below are links to all of the posts during my Body For Life experience in chronological order. While doing Body For Life, I’m going for the whole body transformation. Many have shared their stories here on the Body For Life website. I don’t really think I’m super fat and need to lose a bunch of weight. I’m shooting to get rid of the tire tube around my waste, trim any fat off of my body, and build muscle. I’ve never had a six pack before and am going to have one when all is said and done. Enjoy reading!

Day 1
Day 2: Starting Pics and Schedule
Day 3: My Big Fat Secret
Day 4: Food Substitutes
Day 5: When Hunger Hits – from cupcakes to tzatziki – an 85 calorie snack
Day 6: Week 1 Weigh-In and My First Day Off
Day 7: Beginning of Week 2 – and some DDR
Day 8: Keeping it up while on the road
Day 9: Nutritional Information at Restaurants
Day 10: Planning ahead so you don’t get stuck
Day 11: Food Log: Travel Day
Day 12: Food Should Taste Good
Day 13: Week 2 Weigh-in
Day 14: 220 Calorie Egg Whites & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
Day 15: PBA, not to be confused with PDA or PBJ
Day 16-17: Interval Running
Day 18: Protein Shakes – Myoplex Lite vs Muscle Milk Light
Day 19: 210 Calorie Chicken Soft Taco
Day 20: Week 3 Weigh-in
Day 21: It’s not just about the pounds
Day 22: Spicing Up Your Cottage Cheese
Day 23: Increasing Intervals
Day 24: Lower Body Workout
Day 25: Hot Dogs while on Body For Life?
Day 26: Upper Body Workout
Day 27: Week 4 Weigh-in
Day 29: Little League Soccer Coach, I Am
Day 30: Healthy Turkey Chili
Day 32: PBJ
Day 34: Week 5 Weigh-in
Day 36: An apple a day…
Day 37: Second Interval Increase
Day 39: Healthy Sausage Wrap
Day 41: Week 6 Weigh-in
Day 43: Protein after Workout
Day 45: Running and Music
Day 48: Week 7 Weigh-in
Day 50: H20
Day 53: Third Running Interval Increase
Day 54: English Muffin with Preserves
Day 55: Week 8 Weigh-in
Day 58: Free Day
Day 60: Updated Healthy Turkey Chili
Day 62: Week 9 Weigh-in
Day 64: Packing To Eat Healthy While Out of Town
Day 66: Fourth Interval Running Increase
Day 67: The gym at the Westin
Day 69: Week 10 Weigh-in
Day 73: Protein Powder
Day 76: Week 11 Weigh-in
Day 82: Achieved Running Goal
Day 83: Week 12 Weigh-in
Body For Life 12 Week Challenge Completion
Week 16 Weigh-In and Pictures