2013 Goals

It’s been a year since I did the 90-day Body-for-LIFE challenge and I still feel great. I’ve kept the weight off and continued eating healthy and exercising. So, what’s in it for me next? I joined an indoor Soccer League in December and have been really enjoying playing in an adult over-30 league. This Spring I’m coaching my son’s recreational soccer league as well. Lately I’ve been running about 2 times per week, playing soccer on Friday nights, and now adding back in Soccer practice twice a week. That’s a good amount of cardio for me each week. I just need to add weights back in now. The last few months I haven’t been doing weights at the gym. Thanksgiving hit, followed by Christmas and New Years. You know how it is. Honestly, I don’t really have an excuse, I just need to do it. First goal for 2013: weights at least twice per week at the gym.

It’s been 5 months now since our family went Wheat Free. I’ll be sharing some more details over the next few posts, but that one simple change of removing wheat from our diet has made a world of difference for us. Goal two for 2013: continue the wheat-free lifestyle and avoid “Gluten-Free” products. This means eating more nuts, vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. and not all of the shelf Gluten-Free products that are filled with rice flour, tapioca starch, and a bunch of other processed ingredients. More natural just feels better.

Goal 3 for this year: get a super defined 6-pack. All of my hard work last year did finally get me that 6-pack, but I would like for it to be really amazing. Maybe I’ll do some sort of ab workout program to get it build even more than it already is.

In summary, my health and exercise goals for this year are:

  1. Weights at least twice per week at the gym
  2. Continue the wheat-free lifestyle and avoid “gluten-free” products
  3. Washboard abs