Day 37: Second Interval Increase

Thanks to everyone who stopped by from my lovely wife Allison’s blog today. I picked up a few readers and am excited to have you with me as I go through this journey. Thanks for your support!

Today was my 2nd increase in the intervals for my running routine since I started Body For Life a little over 5 weeks ago. As I mentioned 2 weeks ago when I made my first increase, my eventual goal is to get to four reps of 5 — 6.5 — 8 — 9.5 on the treadmill. My first increase two weeks ago was by .1 to 5 — 6.1 — 7.2 — 8.3. It was a little difficult at first, but after two weeks of that I was ready for an increase today. I increased .1 again and did 5 — 6.2 — 7.4 — 8.6. I went from 2.17 miles to 2.22 miles – an increase in .1 miles total from the beginning (I started at 2.12 for the 21 minute plan).

increased intervals
It was a challenge, but I can tell my heart is getting stronger. I’ll probably do this for two weeks, then increase again by .1. If I keep this pace up, I’ll reach my goal by the 10th week.

And now, for a totally random picture – I saw this at Academy while getting soccer equipment for my son’s soccer team:


I was so excited to see that Academy now carries chicken poop! I went back and forth on whether I needed some more right now, but when I saw that it is from free range chickens, I was sold!