Day 25: Hot Dogs while on Body For Life?

Ok, so you’re probably thinking – no way! Hot dogs are too fattening to eat when doing Body For Life. We found these 98% fat free turkey dogs made by Oscar Meyer that are seriously yummy right off of the grill. One turkey dog is only 40 calories and .5g of fat. To compare, a regular beef frank from Oscar Meyer has 130 calories and 14g of fat! Even if I have two of the turkey dogs, it is still 80 calories compared to 130 and 1g of fat compared to 14g. Winning!

So the other day I fired up the grill and decided to grill up these bad boys. The goods:

Turkey Dogs

Threw them on the grill:

Turkey Dogs

For the buns, I got Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Hot Dog Rolls. They don’t have any high fructose corn syrup (bonus), have 3g of fiber and believe it or not – as much protein as one of the turkey dogs! (5g).

Hot Dog Buns

There we go…nice and done!

Turkey Dogs

Now, for on top of it, I like mustard. Besides just tasting good, it has virtually zero calories (I think actually it is something like 3 calories per teaspoon, or something like that).

Great on Turkey Dogs

Yes, this is the super generic mustard. This is one of the products that doesn’t matter if you buy generic (sorry French’s, but your yellow mustard tastes the same and costs more). Some things you can’t go generic on, though, like toilet paper. No thanks – I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m using sandpaper when I wipe.

Now, for the reveal…

with mustard
With one bun and two dogs, it was the perfect amount. Obviously the bun was my carbs and the hot dogs were my protein. If you like hot dogs on the grill or over a fire, you can still have them on Body For Life, or any healthy diet for that matter. Just choose the turkey dogs with 28 times less fat than the regular ones.

Nutritional Information (1 bun, two dogs):

Calories 190
Fat 3g
Protein 15g
Sugar 4g