Day 55: Week 8 Weigh-in

Well, I’m around 60% done with the 90 day Body For Life Challenge. I’m feeling great so far and feel better physically than I have in a long time. Now, for the weekly weigh-in. I gained 1 pound this week.

Hopefully it’s muscle gain – that would be great. It’s got to be…I’m eating so healthy and going to the gym 6 times a week. I’ve been pushing myself harder at the gym lately as well.

BOOM! Yes, I’ve been playing Skylanders with my son (in case any of you didn’t get the reference).

Now, for the weekly pics – from the front:

And, the back:

If you look closely on the pictures from the front, you can see two creases in my chest. Those are from sitting down for over an hour and a half giving my dog a haircut. Yes, I have to cut my dog’s hair. Pretty ridiculous, huh? Allison can’t handle a dog that sheds, so she bought a Yorkie. They never shed, which is great for allergies, but the downside is that their hair never stops growing. It needs to be cut once every month or two and is usually about a 2 hour ordeal…ugh. I’m not sure who hates it more, Chase (our dog), or me. I do like it when it’s all done, though, as does Chase. He gets more of his spunk back and seems to have more energy with short hair than when it is long and weighing his 6.5 pound body down. Isn’t he cute?