Day 22: Spicing Up Your Cottage Cheese

Many nights in the evening as my last meal, I’ll eat 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and some fruit (grapes, cherries, raspberries, etc). The cottage cheese is the protein and the fruit goes for the carb. I like cottage cheese, but it can get a tad bit monotonous after eating it routinely. I’ve found that if you add a little cayenne pepper to your cottage cheese it creates a nice little spice to it and changes things up.
Spicing up Cottage Cheese
Spicing up Cottage CheeseIt adds a nice little zip to the cottage cheese. If it were my dad, he would add some Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning.
My Dad's favoriteI’m on day 2 of week 4 now and still going strong. I hit the gym today for a solid upper body workout. Instead of doing the free-weight bench press I did the machine fly this time for the chest. I’m trying to start mixing things up so I’m not doing the exact same routine for each muscle group every time.

The Body For Life website recommends that you’re not supposed to eat for at least 30 minutes before a workout. After a workout you should immediately consume protein. I consumed two of the 8 oz Muscle Milk Light containers when I got home. The two together were a total of 300 calories and 40g of protein. I usually don’t have that much protein after a workout, but for the upper body workout it gets pretty intense. Maybe the extra protein will help the muscles grow faster. Honestly, I’m not sure if the extra protein will do that much. I think your body can only consume so much at a time…I should probably go read up on that.

I’m still a little guy, but I can see and feel the muscles starting to grow – and that’s a nice feeling.

Day 14: 220 Calorie Egg Whites & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

I kicked off week 3 on Body For Life today with a super yummy egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich.
Yummy Breakfast Sandwich
The great thing about it is that it has only 220 calories! It is made from egg whites and is loaded with protein and low in fat. To make it, first gather up your ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup egg whites
  • 1 piece of wheat bread
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • PAM cooking spray

The egg whites I used were All Whites Egg Whites:
Egg Whites
The cheese I used is Tillamook Pepper Jack that I got at Costco, but any cheese will do.
Super Yummy Cheese
The bread I used is Nature’s Own Double Fiber Wheat, which is only 50 calories per slice. I also like it because it doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup or artificial crap like many breads do.
Really Low Calorie Bread
Pre-heat the frying pan on a medium temperature (I did 5 on my gas stove). Once the pan is warm enough to where a water drop fizzles when dropped in it, spray the pan with PAM and pour in 3/4 cup of egg whites. Scramble the eggs until they are starting to solidy, but are still moist:
Scrambled Egg Whites
Gather the eggs towards the middle of the frying pan and place the slice of cheese on top of the eggs. While holding the cheese, use the spatula to gather up any extra eggs and place them under the cheese. Repeat on all four sides until the eggs are all under the square area of the cheese.
Forming the Eggs
Once all of the eggs are under the cheese, turn the heat down a little (I turned my gas stove down to 4). Put the toast in the toaster now.
About the time the toast pops up, the eggs should be just right, having molded together into form with the cheese melted over the top of them. Gently run the spatula under each side to ensure that none of it is sticking to the pan.
Scooping the eggs
Grab your toast
And plop the eggs and cheese down on top of it. It should fit perfectly. Enjoy!

Yummy Breakfast Sandwich
Egg Sandwich Close Up
Nutritional Information

Calories 220
Protein 29 g
Fat 6.5 g
Carbs 14 g
Sugar 1 g

Day 9: Nutritional Information at Restaurants

Day 2 on the road started off with a good 2 mile, 20 minute interval run on the treadmill. After that followed breakfast at the Westin. They have a pretty good buffet with lots of good fresh fruit. I had some scrambled eggs (kept to the palm size serving as recommended on Body For Life) and some fresh blueberries and raspberries.
Breakfast at the Westin
After breakfast I hit work for meetings all day long. Midway through the morning I had a Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge protein drink. I carted a few from home with me in my suitcase, put them in my fridge at the hotel, then took one with me to the office this morning and threw it in the fridge in their breakroom. It stayed cold util consumed mid-morning. Very tasty when cold – not so much when room temperature.
Do not consume when warm
Lunch was catered in with sandwiches, chips, cookies, and sodas. Fortunately they had bottled water too, so I opted for the bottled water. The sandwiches were in halves and didn’t have any dressing on them and were actually pretty healthy. I had half of a sandwich with turkey, ham, lettuce & tomato. A few hours later I ate the other half. I was able to successfully stay away from the chips, cookies, and sodas.

Once all of our meetings were over, everyone went to the Hyatt for drinks. I politely declined the drinks and enjoyed an ice water. If anyone asked, I told them I was on a body building plan and was eating/drinking healthy. No one gave me crap about it, which was nice. Then we went to dinner at Houlihan’s. I again ordered water to and after 5 or 6 glasses surprisingly only had to leave the table once to go pee.

When it came time to decide what food to order, I looked closely over the menu. There were a few options that looked healthy, but looks can be deceiving. When trying to figure out what is healthy at a restaurant and what is not, menus can often fool you. Most places will give you a list of the nutritional information if you ask for it. Sometimes they even have a separate menu that has all of the nutritional facts about each dish. Tonight, though, I turned to technology. I very inconspicuously searched Google for Houlihan’s nutritional information. They had all of their nutritional information readily available online. With modern technology it is making it easier to be more conscientious about our food choices. It was hard to find anything under 1000 calories. The first thing I looked for was chicken or fish dishes. I figured the Salmon would be pretty low in calories and high in protein. Even within the Salmon, though, one option was almost 250 calories more than the other one. The Wood Grilled Salmon came with mashed potatoes and broccoli as the sides and was 788 calories. The Simply Prepared instead had a panzanella bread salad and grilled asparagus as the sides, but only clocked in at 554 calories. I ordered the Simply Prepared, but they accidentally brought me out the mashed potatoes and broccoli as the sides. I had to send it back to get the right order, but they finally got it right.

The Salmon was delicious and contained 44g of protein. I easily could have eaten 1000-2000 calories without hardly trying. Appetizers were passed around the table which looked very good, but I politely declined them. My entree even came with a soup or salad. Not realizing this, when asked by the waiter I quickly chose the french onion soup thinking that it would be mainly broth. I looked up the calorie content of the french onion soup after the waiter left and realized it was 248 calories just for the soup. I discreetly pulled the waiter aside and told him that he didn’t have to bring the soup – that I would be fine with just the main dish. Restaurants really like to serve you a lot of food these days. Even the portion of Salmon was probably a little larger than it should be, but at only 554 calories for the whole meal I didn’t balk at it. I ate everything except for the few pieces of panzanella bread that came with it, so I was probably actually less than 500 calories.

After I got back to the hotel later that night, I consumed some beef jerky and an all natural fruit strip for my last meal. Heading to bed now and will be hitting lower body first thing in the morning. If you learned one thing at all from this post, ask restaurants for the nutritional information when eating out. You’ll be surprised that many times what you think is healthy sometimes is really not!

Day 4: Food Substitutes

Replacing certain foods in your diet with healthier ones is a quick an easy way to make a difference in your health. Here is a list that I got off of the Body For Life website that contains a few recommendations on how to eat healthier, especially if you are looking to lose weight and/or build muscle:
BFL food replacement ideas
Here are a few more of my own that I’ve come up with:

Replace this… With this…
Ground Beef Lean Ground Turkey
Peanut Butter (i.e. Jif) All Natural Peanut Butter
Yogurt Greek Yogurt
Pasta Whole Wheat Pasta
Anything with enriched flour in it whole grains
McDonalds Subway

Heh heh…McDonalds really isn’t on my list of places that needs to be replaced. It’s not my fast food place of choice, but it may be for some people. I don’t ever crave McDonalds (except last summer when we were on vacation and they were running a limited time Rolo McFlurry). I have a sweet tooth for ice cream…probably one of the other reasons I put some of the weight back on.

Small changes in your eating habits can make a big difference in your health. Making the changes above to your diet alone without exercising will give you an immediate impact. Throw exercise on top of that and you’re quickly on your way to looking better!