Day 29: Little League Soccer Coach, I Am

I’m writing today’s post entirely from my iPhone. In between reps at the gym, I’m using the WordPress app on my iPhone to compose this post. A geek, I am. Technology, I love. (and Yoda too).

I just finished quads and am in between reps for hamstrings.

I’ve got some exciting news – I’ll be coaching my son’s soccer team this spring! I’m really excited. I’ll be doing twice a week practices and Saturday games for the 10 years old age group – should be fun!

I just tried a new piece of equipment that I really liked. Up until now, for my main exercise on my calves I’ve used the machine seated calf extensions.

I just tried the seated calf extensions using free weights. It was an excellent workout for my calves.

With no weights, it is 60 lbs. I started off with 10 on each side (80 lbs), which is about what I was doing on the machine one. It seems like I could feel it more on the free weights. After starting with 12 reps on 80 lbs, I finished out like this:


Signing out from my iPhone, I am.