Day 43: Protein after Workout

After working out with weights, you are supposed to consume protein within 30 minutes in order to ensure that your muscles can grow to their full potential. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. I have been trying to eat protein as soon as possible after a workout, but I’ll be honest – sometimes it isn’t within 30 minutes. The gym is only 5 minutes away from my home, but by the time I walk out to my car, head home, sometimes stop at the grocery store, get a call from work, then cook some egg whites or make a protein shake when I get home, it has sometimes not been within 30 minutes of my workout.

The other day as I was leaving the gym, I saw a guy getting his stuff out of a locker and he had a protein bar in his locker. Why haven’t I ever thought of that? Bring a protein bar to the gym – then you can immediately consume protein right after your workout! When doing weights 3 times a week, I’m going to try for the next little while to bring a protein bar to the gym so I can consume protein immediately after doing weights (for me Mon, Wed, Fri). We’ll see if it makes a difference in my muscle gain.

Our printer finally died in our office and it was time to get a new printer. I left the gym today and went straight to Fry’s Electronics to pickup the printer that I had ordered online for in-store pickup. Btw, I will never buy another “brother” brand printer again! Horrible driver, not very compatible with Mac and Linux, and just all around gave us problems. I went back to my bread and butter – Samsung Laser Printers. I’m not a fan of ink jet printers. I prefer a solid basic black and white laser printer. If I really need something in color (which is like never), I can print it at Kinkos, or if it is a photo use one of the many sites online or upload it to Costco or Walgreens. My laser printer toner will last for several thousand pages compared to several hundred for an ink jet. It’s much more economical and looks way better. I generally buy a very basic laser printer, and have had really good success with the basic Samsung Laser Printer. It was only $69.99 at Fry’s! You really can’t beat that, especially considering it was $95 at Newegg, which is usually the cheapest place online for computer stuff. Our last Samsung that we had before the brother lasted us for years. Oh, and I saw a sign at Fry’s today that said they match internet prices…hmmm. Good to know when I need something tech related in a pinch, but don’t want to pay local store prices.

Oops – got on another techy tangent. My bad. I have a tendancy to do that sometimes….back to my blog post – so I went to Fry’s to pickup the printer, and ate my protein bar while driving in my car on the way there to ensure that I got the protein in my system immediately following my intense lower body workout.

Rocky Road Brownie

Btw, this brand of protein bars is quite yummy, and on par with the Body For Life recommended EAS brand of protein bars in regards to protein/carb balance. Not all protein bars are necessarily good for you. I’ll probably do a blog post soon about that my new discovery of these protein bars.