Day 18: Protein Shakes – Myoplex Lite vs Muscle Milk Light

As one of the 5-6 meals, I’ve generally been drinking a protein shake. I know it is cheaper to buy the powder and mix it up yourself, but I just bought a round of the pre-packaged ones to try out. They do cost a little more, but if you buy them in bulk and try to find a coupon you can generally get one for around $1.50. Right now, I have a variety of two types that I’m rotating between:
Muscle Milk and Myoplex Lite
I picked up a 24-pack of the Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge at Amazon for $39.84 ($1.66 each). This was about the same price as at our local grocery store, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of having them delivered to your front door. I haven’t tried it yet, but Amazon offers 15% off if you sign up to have them delivered automatically each month (or every 2nd or 3rd month — you choose the frequency). Not a bad idea. I’ve been thinking about doing that with all of our common household items. Figure out how often we go through them and sign up on Amazon for auto-delivery so we don’t ever have to think about those things and can save time at the grocery store.

Back on topic…I picked up the Muscle Milk Light at Costco when they had a $6 off coupon. I don’t remember what I paid for them, but I believe it was around the same per package. Now, to compare the two. The Muscle Milk tastes better, but probably because it has twice the fat…and that is even with the light version! 2g vs 4g. It’s not a true one-to-one comparison, though, as the Muscle Milk Light is more concentrated (8.25 oz vs 11 oz). Each containst 20g of protein. The Muscle Milk has only 9g of carbs, though, compared to Myoplex Lite’s 20g. As far as all around nutrition goes, the Myoplex Lite has more nutritional value than the Muscle Milk Light.

Myoplex Lite Chocolate Fudge
Muscle Milk Light Nutritional Info


Protein Content TIE
Lowest Fat Content Myoplex Lite
Lowest Carbs Muscle Milk Light
Overall Nutritional Value Myoplex Lite
Taste Muscle Milk

There really is no clear winner in my mind. Both shakes are good and have their strengths. I like to stock multiple protein shakes for variety so I don’t get tired of one particular brand and burn out. I used to cringe at the idea of drinking a protein shake years ago, but really like the taste of them now. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, or maybe they have just gotten better at making them taste good over the years. Either way, they’re great to down after a workout.