Day 2: Starting Pics and Schedule

Alright…here goes. My starting pics before Body For Life:

The lovely view from the front:
Ben Runs Life Body For Life Starting Picture 1
Even better view from the back:
Ben Runs Life Body For Life Starting Picture 2
Um, yeah. I don’t think that is the way a back is supposed to look. I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. Also, I’ve never had a 6-pack before in my life. When I finished Body For Life for the first time 2 years ago you could start to see it beginning to take shape, but I never got even close to a full 6-pack. This time around I’m hoping to transform my keg into a defined 6-pack when all is said and done.

My workout schedule while on Body For Life will be:

  • Sunday – running
  • Monday – weight training
  • Tuesday – running
  • Wednesday – weight training
  • Thursday – running
  • Friday – weight training
  • Saturday – Day off (food and exercise)

Since I started on a Monday, technically I started on day 2 (missed Sunday). I’ll just make sure that I end with my last day on a Sunday to ensure the full completion of the 12 week program. My schedule for blogging will be:

  • Blog frequently about my Body For Life experience – exercise, meals, ups/downs, tips, etc.
  • Weekly Checkins on Saturday mornings (my day off right before I splurge). These weekly checkins will include an official weigh-in as well as a picture in progress.