Day 10: Planning ahead so you don’t get stuck

I got lucky that the sandwiches that were brought in for lunch yesterday were quite healthy. Today, not so much. A hot lunch was catered of make your own tacos with meat, rice, beans, chips, tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, and more. It sure looked good, but not really ideal for Body For Life.

Good thing I planned ahead and brought some food in my bag in case lunch wasn’t fit for BFL. I brought a Starkist Charlie’s Lunch Kit Chunk Light in my bag in case a situation like this arose.
The Starkist Lunch Kit Light is an excellent meal on Body For Life. It is only 210 calories and contains 20g of protein. They’ve very portable, quick to eat, and tasty. I always have these stocked while at work. This tuna fish kit makes a much healthier snack than a candy bar or chips. I count this as one of the six daily meals on Body For Life when I have one.