Day 13: Week 2 Weigh-in

2 weeks down, folks. First off, the weekly weigh-in. Last week I weighed in at 167. My weigh-in this morning was….drum roll…
5 pounds in 2 weeks
I’m down 2 pounds from 167 to 165 this week. When I do my weekly weigh-in at FatSecret, I record my weight there. They track it and plot it on a graph, which is pretty cool.
FatSecret Weight Chart
The bottom line is my target weight, which is 155. Depending on how much muscle I gain, my ideal weight may be a little higher than that. The main purpose for me doing Body For Life is to lose fat and gain muscle. Whatever ending weight I end up at is fine with me as long as I’ve trimmed the roll around my waste off and have built muscle all the way around.

My body is slowly starting to transform like it is supposed to do in Body For Life. Here are the front pictures after 2 weeks:
Week 2 Frontal (with shorts)
Now, from the back is where you can really see a difference – even only after 2 weeks:
Week 2 Rear Pictures (of me from the rear, not my rear)
Now, my day off wouldn’t be complete without some sort of splurge. I’ll be honest – I had a hard time motivating myself to eat something that is not on the Body For Life diet; I’ve gotten so used to it after 2 weeks of it. I know it’s necessary to shock your body, though, so that it can not go into starvation mode and save fat. I want to burn fat and not muscle. I hadn’t eaten much all day long, and finally decided to get a classic burger, fries and drink from Whataburger.
Burger, Fries & Drink
If I’m going to grab a burger from a fast food place, I wouldn’t waste it on McDonalds – yuck. The nice thing about Whataburger here in Texas is that you don’t have to tell them how to make the burger – they just do it right. They make it fresh (no heat lamps) and with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onions. None of this ketchup or mayonnaise crap…or especially thousand island dressing. Really? Who invented that anyway. That stuff just doesn’t belong on a burger. Just Mustard. Period.

I also have some ice cream for later on tonight…mmm. I think ice cream is where my sweet tooth goes. Some people are chocolate people, others traditional sugar candy, and some are pie people like my older brother. When he wants a cream pie shake, he doesn’t go to some place that makes an imitation shake that tastes like a cream pie. He needs to see them cut a piece of pie, put it in a blender with some ice cream, and make a real for real cream pie shake. He doesn’t mess around. Anyway, I’m an ice cream person. Especially chocolate with brownie chunks in it…mmmm. I guess I’m officially on my day off now – craving ice cream. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and hit it hard again tomorrow morning.