So What’s Up Next?

This is the question I’ve been thinking about since the official 12 weeks ended. In order to continue staying healthy, I think it is important to always have some sort of goal in mind. Maybe it’s an event (5K, 10K, Triathlon, or maybe a program like Body for LIFE or P90X), or maybe it’s a life even that you want to look good for (i.e. a family reunion). Maybe it’s a certain weight that you are trying to work your weight up to (i.e. be able to bench a certain amount). Something – just anything. Otherwise it is easy to rationalize skipping a day here or there or not eat as healthy as you should. I’ve been thinking for the last 2 weeks what my next goal is going to be.

So I’m not officially on Body For Life right now, but I’m still following the same schedule since the initial 12 weeks ended. I’m continuing to eat 6 times a day and exercise 6 days a week – 3 days weights 3 days cardio. This is the 2nd week now that I’ve been running with my son in the mornings. He has really taken a liking to it. We’ve been doing 2 miles in the morning before school 3 times per week. After getting up at 6:15 (or more like 6:24) – why the 9 minute snooze on an iPhone and why isn’t it configurable? I digress….we jump in the car around 6:35 or so, hit the trail around 6:40, and run until 7:00. I cook him some eggs while he showers. In addition to running and getting in shape, he’s eating healthier in the mornings now. It’s much healthier for him to have some eggs than eggo waffles. Yes, he’s been known to eat 6 eggo waffles in one sitting before school. We had to crack down on that one and install a daily limit. The eggo waffles really not that healthy. It’s good that my son loves eggs and will take them any day over the the eggo waffles.

After several weeks of pondering what my next goal should be, I’ve decided to do a 5K with my son. He already ran an unofficial one once this year over Easter and could totally do an official one. We’re going to start looking around to see what there is in the greater Austin Area. Once we choose one and register, I’ll be posting it here. I’m really excited. I’ve never done any sort of official race before – it will be a first for both of us together!



  1. Ooh I love official races where they can time you! Not all of them do.

  2. It’s great that your healthy habits are rubbing off on your son! Even better-he’s probably not even thinking “healthy,” just fun time with Dad!

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