Day 8: Keeping it up while on the road

I have to travel for business this week. It can be difficult to keep up on Body For Life when traveling through airports and going out to dinner on the road. I’ll keep you up to date on my travels this week and my attempts to stick to the Body For Life eating plan and exercises while out of town.

I only ate 5 meals today instead of 6, but I think I was still able to follow it pretty well considering my circumstances. I had a Chobani Greek Yogurt for breakfast before heading to the airport.
Greek Yogurt
At the airport I had my 2nd meal which consisted of a Naked Juice Protein Zone.
yumminess in a bottle
It is a little high in calories (440 for the whole thing) as well as carbs (68), but it is all natural from fruit and super yummy. It also contains 30g of protein.
The good stuff...
I have these every once in a while as a treat when on Body For Life, but not every day. It’s a great alternative to grabbing McDonalds or Wendy’s when on the run in an airport.

Then during my layover I found a Subway. Many airports have a Subway, which is another healthy alternative (depending on what you tell them to put on your sandwich). A 6″ turkey breast with veggies, yellow or spicy mustard and no cheese is only 280 calories. Skip the chips and soda and go with water. The entire meal comes in under 300 calories.
Only 280 Calories

After arriving at my final destination I went over to a co-worker’s house for dinner. On the menu was New York Strip Steak and vegetables (cauliflower/broccoli mix). I explained to them that I was on a healthy eating/working out plan and that I was eating 6 times a day, with smaller portions. I cut the steak in half so that the meat portion was a little bit smaller than the palm of my hand. Along with the veggies and a few grapes it was a great meal. It is a little high in fat, but also quite high in protein — which is why on the sample Body For Life weekly menu it only has steak listed once.

After finish dinner I checked in at the hotel, called the family to see how they’re doing, and headed down to the gym on floor 2. I’m staying at a Westin, which has a very nice gym thankfully. Today was upper body. I did 6 muscle groups and was there just under an hour – biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, upper back, lower back.

After finishing my working I headed back to my room and ate an EAS Myoplex Carb Control Cookies & Cream protein bar for my last meal. After finishing this blog post I’ll be hitting the sack, followed by the treadmill first thing in the morning before heading to meetings all day. Stay tuned for more udpates this week as I strive to stick to Body For Life while on the road.

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