Day 67: The gym at the Westin

Check out the gym at the Westin that I stayed at this week while on a business trip. The gym was awesome for a hotel gym. I’m not sure if all Westins are this way, but this one really made it easy for me to ensure I got my workouts in this week while I was on the road. Check it out…

Free weights:

Plenty of treadmills:



Chest Press:

Shoulder Press:

Oh, and also a Lat Pulldown that I didn’t get a picture of for some reason. You can kind of see it in the picture from outside the Westin Workout door:

They also had some elliptical machines and exercise bikes for those who like to use them. Kudos to Westin for putting such a nice gym in a hotel. Most hotel gyms don’t have very much in them at all.

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